About us

The difficulty to obtain single bottles of mature wine was the reason we started "Paulson Rare Wine" in 1986. This company has specialised in the sale of old and rare wines by mail order and has been growing steadily ever since. We have over the years received an increasing amount of enquiries from abroad, particularly since our first presence on the Internet in 1997. This led to the launch of as a source for great mature wine for the winelover anywhere in the world.

We love great wine and spend a large part of our time at tastings all over the world. At most blind-tastings we have found that apart from the truly "greats", whose quality we all know, there are always wines without such great reputations that are very close in quality to these but at a fraction of their price. It is a challenge for us to find these wines and to be able to offer them to our customers. Since we have tasted a large range of the greatest vintages and wines in the world, we can advise you on most wines from our own experience.

We offer a great selection of mature vintages, in particular the very best vintages from the last century. The main part of our offer consists of the greatest red wine in the world - Bordeaux. There is also a reasonable selection of Sauternes and Burgundy and of course fine wines from around the world.

We started our Broking Service in 2003 to be able to offer well stored wines from private cellars at fair prices. All wines offered by us have been examined by us and are lying in our cellars.