fuellhoehen_01high fill:
normal fill. Level of young wines. Exceptionalley good in wines over 10 years old. 

into neck: can be level of fill. Perfectly good for any age of wine. Outstandingly good for a wine of 10 years in bottle, or longer. 

top-shoulder: normal level for any claret 15 years old or older. 

upper-shoulder: slight natural reduction through easing of cork and evaporation through cork and capsule. Usually no problem. Acceptable for any wine over 20 years old. Exceptional for pre-1940 wines.

mid-shoulder: probably some weakening of the cork and some risk. Not abnormal for wines 30/40 years of age.

mid-low-shoulder: some risk. Low estimates, usually no reserve. 

low-shoulder: risky and usually only accepted for sale if wine or label exceptionally rare or interesting. Always offered without reserve and with low estimate. 

below low-shoulder: not acceptable for sale unless a rare sort of bottle. Wine will usually be undrinkable.