Rheingau Gourmet & Wein Festival 2023

I just realised how long it was since I added something to the Blog. Shame on me.

2023 was the 26th Festival and I have taken part in all of them. A fantastic series of tastings, dinners and lunches. Here are some notes from some of the events:

25 vintages of Château Margaux:

Flight 1:

1978 - Very good. Start of the Margaux revival. 

1979 - Quite similar to 1978 and 1981. Drink soon.

1981 - Bit fresher than the 1979.

1982 - Soft sweet fruit. Very attractive.

1983 - Very good fruit and structure. Long finish. My favourite

Flight 2:

1991 - Bit lightweight - still quite good and elegant. 

1993 - Good. Fresh fruit. Tannic finish.

1994 - Good fruit. I prefer this to the 1993.

1995 - Good fresh fruit. None of the dry tannins of many 1995s.

1996 - Very good concentrated fruit. Great Cabernet nose with a hint of eucalyptus. Still soft tannins. Will age well. My favourite.

Flight 3:

1955 - One bottle was oxidised. The second fine but needs drinking.

1959 - Very good. Still a joy to drink. My favourite this time.

1961 - Usually a touch better than the 1959 but this time just beaten. Normally, for me, one of the very greatest wines from Château Margaux.

1966 - Unfortunately oxidised. Can be quite good but needs drinking.

1970 - Not bad but very disappointing for the vintage.

1975 - Quite typical for the vintage. Some fruit and lots of dry tannins.

Flight 4:

1999 - Very good now. Good fruit.

2000 - Great concentration. Long with soft tannins. More approachable than I thought. My favourite.

2003 - Good with concentrated fruit. Enough acidity for ageing?

2006 - Young, soft. Needs time. 90% Cabernet.

2010 - A giant. Big, concentrated fruit. Tannic. Needs time.

Flight 5:

1984 - Lean. Dry tannins.

1986 - Concentration of fruit but also dry tannins. Will it ever come around?

1988 - Similar to 1986 but with softer tannins.

1989 - Good with soft tannins. Ready.

1990 - Very good ripe fruit. Soft tannins - ready now. My favourite.