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Mouton Rothschild Weinprobe & Kunst / Tasting & Art
Mouton Rothschild Weinprobe & Kunst / Tasting &...
A beautiful book with photos of the bottles, tasting notes and stories about the artists. In english and german.
Nuikki: Drinking History 1870-1970
Nuikki: Drinking History 1870-1970
A fantastic wine book. Full of stories and tasting about bottles that Nuikki has drunk as well as beautiful photographs. This is very original and fascinating. Highly recommended. In english.
The 1.000 Finest Wines Ever Made
The 1.000 Finest Wines Ever Made
A wonderfully presented book giving points and personal descriptions of 1.000 great wines. In english.
CORAVIN™ Model One
CORAVIN™ Model One
I am an absolute fan of this invention.
Coravin Kapseln 2 Stck.
CORAVIN™ 2 Patronen
Die Coravin-Patronen wurden speziell für das Coravin-System entwickelt. Ihre absolut dichte Konstruktion garantiert perfektes Ausschenken – jedes Mal. Die Coravin-Patronen setzen die Flaschen mit Argongas unter Druck, sodass der Wein...